• Services

Honovi is an agile and innovative company that can quickly and easily adapt to changing program requirements and evolving client needs. We believe that being flexible and innovative allows for our clients to find new ways to be more efficient and effective. Drawing on a diverse set of experiences in the federal market, Honovi applies proven methodologies to each unique project. Our capabilities include:

Software Engineering

We deliver end-to-end solutions by applying the entire IT lifecycle. This enables our customers to maximize their investments in previous and future IT solutions while achieving mission objectives. We are experienced in applying methodologies such as Agile and ITIL. Honovi can execute the following:

• Custom Software Development & Applications Development

• Requirements Analysis and Design

• Database Development, Design, & Maintenance

• SharePoint Development & Maintenance

• COTS Software Integration

• Manual & Automated Testing

• Legacy Migration

• Website Design & Development

• Systems Integration

• Enterprise Architecture & Design

Systems Engineering

We ensure that the architecture of new and existing systems aligns with the current and future needs of our clients. Through a series of metrics, our teams can measure the effectiveness of each system and reveal opportunities for improvement. Honovi can execute the following:

• Concept of Operations (CONOPS)

• Requirements Definition and Analysis

• Technical Documentation and Review

• Modeling, Simulation, and Prototyping

• Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Support

• Technical Assessments

Professional Services

Our capabilities revolve around total customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we employ talent that reflects Honovi’s own management approach to maintain the highest standards of efficiency and quality. Honovi can execute the following:

• Program and Project Management

• Staff Augmentation

• Business Process Reengineering

• Training

• Administrative Services

• Lean Six Sigma